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Monday, 6 July 2015

Some statistics from this site ...

With my Pageviews getting close to 200 000, I looked at my Visitor Statistics display. Actually, the idea came to me reading Stefan Berger's latest Blog about Expert-backed Armenian forgeries offered for sale in Italy (go to I was pretty sure that Italy would not figure in the Top Ten list of Pageviews by Country - I don't think of it as a country where "Russia and related Areas" has a big collecting community or community of serious collectors.

Here is the Top Ten; the number is Google's figure for all-time Pageviews originating in that country:

USA         49216
UK           26351 [the country I am writing from]
Ukraine    25734
Germany  12696
Russia      11837
France      10784
China          8242
Israel           8215
Poland         1483
Canada        1237

I guess it is not surprising that an English-language Blog gets the USA and UK as its main source of readers. What is interesting is that until you get to Canada, all the other countries are not English-speaking. One country (France) has a traditional aversion to English.

I think Israel is in the Top Ten because of the large number of inhabitants of Russian origin and Canada because of its Ukrainian population. I think the figure for visits from Ukraine itself may be inflated because of misdirection of search requests by sites looking for "Hits".


  1. Merci Trevor pour tous ces "posts" aussi passionnants les uns que les autres. Don't be too harsh with my fellow citizens, some of them do enjoy English and some do understand and speak it. As far as I am concerned I've always been very keen on English culture, towns, countryside and the people.

  2. I have been an International Elections Observer for Ukraine 7 times since 2004. I was amazed that so many younger Ukrainians spoke English - and it is easier for them to read English. I have meet thousands of Ukrainians, and all of them speak more than one language.

  3. It is a very interesting statistic. I also run a blog about philately of Lithuania and I've just looked right after reading your article. The top 10 of my blog are: 1. Lithuania 19083 pageviews, 2. US 18442, 3 Japan 17823 (I'm from Japan), 4. Russia 8561, 5. Germany 6104, 6. Ukraine 5361, 7. Poland 7275, 8. UK 3457, 9. France 2611, 10. China 1684.
    It looks like Ukraine has a pretty good collecting community.

  4. For my 'worldwide collector' blog the country split is

    1. US 39%
    2. UK 18%
    3. Canada 6%
    4. Australia 5%
    5. India 4%
    6. South Africa 2%
    7. New Zealand 1.5%
    8. Spain 1.5%
    9. Germany 1.3%
    10. Netherlands 1.2%

    Russia is down on position 15, Ukraine is the 34th position with about handful of readers. Apparently worldwide collecting is not that popular in the east. I'm definitely sad about the low number of German and French readers, as they've got a very lively and lovely philatelic culture, but likely it's the language barrier that holding them back.