Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Visit London Stampex while the Single Market lasts ...

Visa-tree travel, no Customs paperwork, some pointless queues at Border Control it's true. But until 2019 you will still be able to visit the UK as if it was a nearly-normal country. And enjoy a favourable Exchange Rate on your dollars or euros! (Advice: Most dealers will accept dollars and euros and accept them at the actual Bank rate of exchange, so don't lose money by buying sterling before you arrive). Maybe just as important: roaming charges on EU mobile phones brought into the UK will also stay regulated until 2019. 

London STAMPEX runs from 15 to 18 February 2017. Find my stand up in the gallery close to the very good cafe and restaurant. Full details at

I will be selling from my specialised stocks of Russia and related areas, Baltics, Finland, Transcaucasia, Ukraine. I also have stocks for Poland, Romania, Hungary, some Germany, and a very big stock of  Latin America. Other dealers offer GB and British Commonwealth and, really, All World. 

After 2019? I am glad I am not organising LONDON 2020. 

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