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Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Auction Sale of the Dr R J Ceresa collections

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The residual collections of the late Dr R J Ceresa will be auctioned in London on 20 September 2018. The sale is being conducted by Grosvenor whose offices are above the Strand stamp shop of Stanley Gibbons. I use the word "residual" for two reasons.  First, Dr Ceresa repeatedly sold material once he had written a handbook on it. That means, for example, that he sold all of the Tchilingirian collection of Armenia which he had bought as one lot after Tchilingirian's death (he liked to say that he outbid Mikulski). Second, his main forgery reference collections have been given to the Royal Philatelic Society of London and will be available for consultation.

At the time of his death, Dr Ceresa was making a new collection of  1923 Transcaucasian Federation Star overprints and these are well-represented in the sale. Other lots are nearly all 1917- 1923 material including accumulations in which genuine and forged material has not been sorted out. I am partly responsible for the lotting and descriptions.

The online catalogue can be viewed at and the Ceresa material begins at Lot 1843.

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