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Friday, 23 October 2020

Heinrich Koehler November 2020


The November auction of Heinrich Koehler Wiesbaden is now online at

I have contributed a large part of my stock and personal collections with 200 lots in total, the main contributions in Armenia, Russia especially 1917-23 but also Zemstvo, Ukraine. 

The lots are distributed between single lots and “Yellow Page” lots though the “Yellow Page” lots include single album pages (for example, a page of Penza Zemstvo stamps Lot 10386[UNSOLD] and should not be ignored by collectors. The yellow page lots include a major stock of Armenia [SOLD for 7500€ hammer]and a collection of 1917-23 early Bolshevik postal history 10383 [UNSOLD].

Ukraine collectors might like to look at the collection of handbooks and catalogues in Lot 2418. [SOLD for 260€ hammer]

The Aftersale is now on. I have good unsold lots among the Russia and Ukraine. Take a look! If you see something you like, make Koehler an offer 20% under start price and (if it is my material!) I have asked them to accept ....

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