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Saturday, 15 June 2019

Over 500 000 page views ...

I see today that the page views of this site have now gone past 500 000, which averages out at just under 1 000 views for each  of the 542 blog posts.

I don't know how successful Google is at filtering out from the count the page views of bots, crawlers, etc., which periodically go through the site and sometimes cut and paste it elsewhere, so I guess not all the viewing has been done by humans.

This week, for example, there have been over 4 000 page views which Google traces to Israel, entirely out of proportion to other sources - the USA generated 212 in the same period, and the second highest figure which, I think, suggests a strong likelihood that the Israel figure is not a collector-generated one.

Google searches are the entry route for the overwhelming majority of visits. The all-time highest number of page views is attributed to the USA (127 242 as of today), followed by Ukraine (55 995), the UK (44 908), Israel (40 892 - but keep in mind the previous paragraph), Russia (33 809), China (25 129), France (25 083).

I am posting much less new material, as regular readers will have realised, and I have thought of stopping. But it is very easy to lave a Blog open and simply come back to it whenever ...


  1. I would be very sorry if you stopped posting. I find what you say consistently interesting and informative. I find both the knowledge you share and your musings very interesting and I read every post. Please continue! Best wishes, Crispin

  2. Just now I performed a Google search for "philately blog" and your blog was one of the top results. I am located in Jerusalem. Perhaps there's something about Google's search algorithm that ranks this blog high in the results when searching from Israel.