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Friday, 13 March 2020

London 2020 Stamp Exhibition and the coronavirus

For the past year, I have been preparing for the international stamp exhibition LONDON 2020. I’ve been buying new stock and reducing prices on old stock so that I can have an attractive stand display. My stand is in a prominent position, right next to the (very good) cafe in London’s attractive exhibition hall, the Business Design Centre. I have booked and pre-paid for a hotel for eight nights. Quite soon, I need to recruit temporary assistants or volunteers to work on my stand with me and allow me an occasional break (I'm 72). I have been looking forward to meeting and greeting visitors from all over the world…..

Now I don’t know how things will turn out and I am inviting Comment from my readers.

Update 18 March 2020: Thanks to readers who left Comments. Now I do know how things will turn out. Click to read this statement from the organisers:; I think they have made the right decision and early enough for many people to be able to cancel or change flight and hotel bookings:


  1. I've been told by a dealer who heard it from his BDC contact that at least three events there have been cancelled already.

  2. Which of the scenarios will happen is unknown. If the event does not happen you have losses like the hotel cost but life has many such unexpected events. A positive is you have a stock prepared and ready to sell - this is an asset! So it would be productive to think where else could you sell it. While the blog is not commercial perhaps in the event the show is off a temporary post for several days could be made advertising to your readers items for sale.

  3. On a medical perspective elderly people are definitely at a high risk. Such big shows are viruses incubators. The Covid 19 presents with 20% of the cases with serious complications. This is NOT the flu. So in the end, I guess everything is an individual choice of balancing the risk factor / money lost.

  4. I'd bet on 5. And I would hope we can all make it up to you via mail sales.

  5. It will get cancelled. I expect large gatherings to be legally outlawed very soon...and certainly at a time when we will be the height of the infections.

    And anyone 'of a certain age' should be self isolating anyhow.

    Regretfully, I'd suggest the organisers move to postpone to 'London 2021...