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Sunday 17 June 2012

Where is this Document with Russian Fiscal stamps From?

This is part of a large document. The two Russian Fiscal Stamps date it as after 1905.More importantly, the bi-lingual violet cachet with the bottom half in Russian dates it as after the October 1917 Revolution, since the words "People's Court" can be seen. This court appears to be located in Mashad which is in Northern Persia, so that the document is likely to be written in Farsi. But below "Mashad" one can see also "St. [normally short for "Stantsia" ] and "Margelan." But "Margelan" ( = Margilan) is a place in the (old) Fergana Oblast and now in modern day Kyrgyzstan
There are two violet seals on the left. The one on the outside left is probably in Cyrillic.

Maybe I have simply misread the cachet, since Mashad and Margelan make a very unlikely combination.

Can anyone help identify the date and place from which this document comes and tell me in what language it is written? Thanks. Answers below ....


  1. St.Margelan may be Staryi Margelan, which, unfortunately, is also in Fergana province...

  2. On second thought, the "Mashad" may not refer to a placename but to what is known as a "mashid" which is a Muslim place of prayer or mosque.

  3. I can just say that Mashhad (the famous city in Persia) is written differently in Russian, Like Me-Sh-H-ed, and not Ma-Sh-ad, moreover, it says "Mashadskoy chasti", i.e. "of Mashad part", part meaning a district of the city, perhaps, or some military establishment (less likely)