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Friday 22 February 2013

Lots of Romania at Corinphila

Next Thursday afternoon 28 February. Corinphila Zürich auctions Part 3 of the "Moldau" collection of Classic Romania (Lots 5001 - 5123 in the Auction). Most of us will just have to look at the pictures :)

But before that on the Thursday morning Corinphila will also sell many other nice items from Romania (Lots 1630 - 1680) ... and then on Friday morning 1 March it will sell what it calls "Collections and Accumulations" with Romania at Lots 2608 - 2632. In fact, many of these "Collections" are small groups of specialised items: stamps with postmark interest, retouches on Prince Carol issues, and so on. For these specialised groups there are no illustrations in the Corinphila catalogue but you will find pictures at The Start prices are in three figures not four or five, so here you have a chance to do more than look a the pictures!

I draw your attention to this material because several Lots in this section 2608 - 2632 are from me :)

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