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Monday, 20 September 2021

Hellman Auction October 2021 on Line

Probably your last chance to buy my material in the Hellman Auctions.  As usual, plenty of Armenia, Russia, Ukraine but lots more too.

Looking through what I sent them the star item may well be this (with a start price of 50€!) - a letter to Mont Athos with the Free Frank seal of a Black Sea gunboat. Now when did you last see one of those?

Saturday, 4 September 2021



I have lots of material in the September auction at Heinrich Koehler, Wiesbaden, especially in  the Mixed Lot sections (Gelbseiten). 

Koehler has kindly agreed to make half a dozen large groups from about four hundred lots which I had prepared in 2019 and 2020 on the Lot cards of another auction house, individually priced between 20€ and about 100€. That auction house changed its business plan after the lots were submitted, reducing the number of auctions each year and switching its emphasis away from philately and towards other collectibles. So rather than wait several years for the Lots to be sold, bit by bit, I asked for the lots to be sent on to Koehler. Because of COVID travel restrictions, I have not been able to travel to Germany this year and Koehler has  grouped the four hundred individual lots into half a dozen big lots. I have agreed to really very low Start prices.

But if you take a look you will see that the material contains many very nice, carefully selected individual  items as well as what I call “stockpage” lots designed to appeal to ebay dealers. For example, there are fine Russian Fiscals ex Faberge; Armenian stamps with Berger Opinions; good genuine Batum; scarce genuine Ukraine Tridents, signed etc…..

Take a look at Lots 3060 (British Commonwealth); Lots 3202, 3210, 3217 (Russia and related); Lot 3269 (Ukraine); Lot 3277 (listed under Armenia but including other classic Transcaucasia material); Lot 3367 (Overseas/Rest of World).

All the work has been done - the material is sold with the descriptions I wrote for each lot. It's a great opportunity, really.