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Saturday 24 November 2012

My London Shop - The Strand Stamp Fair

This is where you can meet me in London - just click on the image to read the dates easily. I hope to have a table at all the Strand Stamp Fairs in 2013, except in March. I open my shop at about 08.00 and close about 15.00

I take a different selection of stock every month - I really do - so if you are going to visit send me an email a week or so in advance and I will make sure to bring things likely to be of interest to you. For example, at yesterday's Strand Fair, four collectors sent advance emails and for all four of them I found something they wanted - in a couple of cases, very much wanted!

You will find other dealers at The Strand who have Russia and East Europe in their stock. The Fair takes place right in the centre of London, close to Euston, St Pancras International, the British Museum and Covent Garden. Make a visit in 2013!

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