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Monday 5 March 2012

Soviet Georgia 1922: A Scarce Stamp

If you accumulate stamps of Soviet Georgia, you will soon discover that the 1922 pictorial set of 5 is quite common with later surcharges and quite scarce without surcharges: the 500 rouble red is really quite hard to find; only the 5000r green is quite common. Such are the consequences of inflation.

Stanley Gibbons lists some shades on this issue and also notes that there are paper varieties (I blogged about this before and this is a Repeat ...)

For the 1000r they list it in yellow brown (SG 29) but also in sepia (dark brown: SG 29a). They give no price for 29a mint and price it as £11.50 used - the highest used price in the set. They explain " No 29a was from a later printing, most of the stamps being destined for surcharge in 1923"

I show two unsurcharged copies of SG 29a above, mint and used, together with a used copy of SG 29 in the regular yellow-brown shade. All three stamps are on horizontally laid paper.The dark brown is something to look out for.

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