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Monday 10 September 2012

Armenian Overprints on Turkish Fiscals?

In collections and accumulations of world-wide fiscals, you quite often find old stamps with Arabic inscriptions "overprinted" typographically in Armenian script.

These are in fact Ottoman Turkish newspaper tax stamps which were applied to the sheets of news - paper before printing took place. This can be seen on the example here of a complete 1887 newspaper which consists of four broadsheet sides of print on a single sheet of large news - paper

The newspaper is AREVELK published at Galata, Constantinople, by Han Noradounghian. It was founded as a daily newspaper in 1884 by Arpiar Arpiarian and was published continuously until 1915. It is probably the source of most of those fiscals found in old collections.

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  1. Very interesting. This eplains those overprints quite nice. Great item and nice find!

    Congratulations :)