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Saturday 9 February 2013

Ukraine 1918 - 1921: Stamps on the Move (Part Two)

In response to comments from a fellow member of the Ukraine Philatelic and Numismatic Society, I illustrate a Money Transfer Form  sending just 7 roubles from NEMERCHA POD. 8 3 19 to LITIN POD. 23 3 19. Payment of the minimum charge of 25 kopecks is recorded with  20 and 2 kopeck perforated stamps with Trident type Ia of Podillia (very different looking, in fact) and then by a 3 kopeck imperforate stamp overprinted with Odesa Type 2.

The use of KOPECK value stamps from other Districts seems much less common in Podillia than the use of ROUBLE value stamps - for which there was clearly a greater demand.  That the use of this stamp was not completely random is shown by the use of the same combination of Odesa 2 on 3 kopeck imperforate on a MTF fragment cancelled VAPNIARKA POD. 3 2 19

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