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Tuesday 17 September 2013

Postmarks of Austrian Galicia - Kolomea

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Sorry! Pardon! Entschuldigung! I have not been on holiday. I have not been ill. I have been moving house - and that was complicated enough to keep me away from my Blog. I hope that I will soon resume normal service ...

Here is a cover I found recently in a dealer's stock. Unusually for this period, the LEMBERG cancel includes the year and not just the day and month - so it reads 24 Mar 835. So we know that this KOLOMEA cancel with "27" and "3" added in ink was in use in 1835. I haven't seen it before and I guess it is rare ... but I don't have a Handbook of Austrian postmarks to tell me how rare.

But for specialists in the postal history of this region, I am sure it is of interest. And I just noticed a little red owner's handstamp on the back which reads "Mazepa" ...

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