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Wednesday 24 December 2014

August Augustovich Revest

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Collectors of Transcaucasia 1917 - 1923 will occasionally find the handstamp A.REVEST on the backs of stamps. From Googling, I found only that A. Revest was a member of Rossica in the 1950s and living in France. He had stamps of Transcaucasia for sale.

I bought the above cover as a nice example of a 10 rouble Registered franking from 1920. Sent from Kharkiv to Baku in June 1920, it has a pair of perforated 3r50 stamps used at face value and an imperforate 3 kopeck (with Kharkiv type 1 Trident) revalued x 100.

I looked at the front and noticed the name "Revest" at the bottom and I translate the first name and patronymic as "August Augustovich". If I am right, then this is most likely to be the A.REVEST of the handstamps, living in Baku in 1920.

Does anyone have more information?

Added 5 Feb 2015: Here is A. REVEST's signature on the back of a (genuine) Armenian stamp:


  1. Thank you so much Trevor for helping those, like me, a bit lost in the Armenian catalogue. For instance I cannot figure out what the difference in Michel cat. between group 86-101 and the following one 102-118. I would say the first group is for the HH overprint on framed HP ones and the other one for unframed ones. Am I right?

    1. Yes, you are right - see my Blog of 23 December 2014 on Michel

  2. I have many Ukrainian Trident overprints signed by A. Revest.