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Thursday 4 August 2016

Kaj Hellman

Readers of this Blog may wish to know that Kaj Hellman died today. He was probably best known to collectors for his Auction, held twice a year in Helsinki. He was a very knowledgeable philatelist, especially in relation to the postal history of Imperial Russia. He handled the sale of a great deal of material from the Agathon and Oleg Faberge collections, and at the time of his death was working in collaboration with Dr Jeffrey Stone on a book on those collections. He was what in English would be called a Gentleman Dealer, always polite and helpful, even in the past few years when he was in poor health. But he valued most of all his family life.


  1. I'm very sorry to hear that. Kaj was indeed, a gentleman. I had the pleasure of meeting him in London and Helsinki, and it was truly a pleasure to meet such a soft-spoken, smart and knowledgeable man. He will be missed.

  2. So sad, I will miss his knowledgeable comments about philately.