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Saturday 22 January 2011

Russian Post Offices in China

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Buy Russian Post Offices in China!

The Imperial Russian Post Offices were few in number though some of them handled a significant volume of mail, Shanghai most of all.

Postal history from these offices commands good prices, especially early material (let's say, before 1900). It's not easy to find.

But look at the catalogue values for the stamps! Look at Michel (I have the 2008 / 09 catalogue in front of me). Leave out the philatelic Harbin issue of 1920 (Michel 55 - 59) and there are just over 50 main listing stamps. Over half of the total mint and used valuations are for one euro or less - down to as little as 20 cents. In other words, they are priced at around the same prices as for regular Imperial Russian stamps. But the numbers issued and used must have been a tiny fraction of those used in Russia itself

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