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Saturday 4 February 2012

Other Uses for 3 kopeck Imperial Arms stamps

Every Russia collector must be familiar with 3 kopeck Imperial Arms stamps used to frank postcards and picture postcards in the period between, say, 1900 and 1917. That was undoubtedly their main use.

But 3 kopecks was also a tariff for other categories of mail and these are worth looking for. Above you will see a "Sample Without Value" [ text saying this on the left of the envelope] sent from PETROGRAD / 53 OTDEL / 18 7 17 to Helsinki, with Finnish censor cachet in red dated 2 VIII 17. The envelope was sealed only with a string or metal tag [ now missing] so that it could be easily opened. The franking is provided by a 3 kopeck imperforate from the 1917 provisional issue of the Arms stamps

I think this is a nice item and it's not for sale :)

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