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Sunday 19 February 2012

St Petersburg Residence Permit Fiscals, 1908 issue

Maybe one of my readers can explain why the last (1908) issue of St Petersburg Residence Permit stamps is so scarce. The earlier issues are quite common, but for this last issue I cannot even show a complete set: the 1 kopeck and 2 kopeck values are missing. Maybe the Residence Permit rules changed in the final years of Imperial Russia? Or did people just stop paying?

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  1. Did the 1905 Revolt destroy the class system in Russia? No, but it showed the formal 5-tier class system, exemplified by the 1889 Residence Permit stamps, was unstable. In 1908, the old system of one residence permit stamp for each of the five social classes was abolished. I do not know how the rates were changed, or how many tiers , but the stamp designers clearly wanted a more flexible system - rates and social classes could be changed at will. The rigid distinction between men and women was abolished. Combinations of standard design stamps could make up any rate at will; rates and classes could now be changed, or recognised, as often as need be. So this stamp issue of 1908 does reflect a changing and less rigid attitude towards class structure.